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Theatre History Studies
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Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 7.41.30 PM
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Book Chapters

metheuen gender theatre
"Negotiating Key Terms" in The Methuen Drama Handbook of Gender and Theatre, ed. Roberta Mock and Sean Metzger, (London: Methuen & Co. 2022)

Interviews & Short Form

For filmed interviews and transcripts with Rustom Bharucha, Jean Graham-Jones, Joseph Roach, Karen Shimakawa, Patricia Ybarra, and Harvey Young, visit

TJ GLobal South
"Interview with South African director, Mark Dornford-May", Theatre Journal 72, 4 (Dec. 2020) – view PDF
Theatre Survey Cover
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Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 7.41.30 PM
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Studies in Age of Chaucer
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TJ Review
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