Teaching Awards

  • Collegium of University Teaching Fellows, UCLA (2019-2020)

Teaching Experience

  • Theatre History I: Beginnings (Baylor University)
  • Theatre History II: 1650-1900 (Baylor University)
  • Staging Mysteries: Medieval Biblical Drama, Past and Present (Yale University)
  • Representations of Faith in Dramatic Literature (Yale University)
  • Medieval Christian Theatre: Doctrine, Devotion, & Drama (Yale University)
  • Representations of Science in Theatre (UCLA)
  • Representing Apartheid – Cultural Production in South Africa (UCLA) 
  • Play Reading and Analysis (UCLA)
  • Theatre History: Making Tradition (UCLA)
  • Theatre History; Reconstructing Historical Pasts 1500-1850 (UCLA)
  • Theatre History: Deconstructing Theater (UCLA)
  • Drama of Diversity (UCLA)
  • Introduction to Playwriting (Riverside City College)
  • Introduction to Theatre (Riverside City College)
  • Introduction to Dramatic Literature (Riverside City College)

Guest Teaching

  • Theatre 210: World Drama and Theatre - Phenomenology (Spring 2019)
    • Required graduate seminar on theories of phenomenology; delivered lecture at request of Prof. Sean Metzger on Merleau-Ponty.
  • Theatre 216A: The Body and Performance (Fall 2018)
    • First course in the graduate theory sequence on critical theories of the body; delivered lecture at request of Prof. Suk-Young Kim on Affect Theory.
  • Theatre 216C: Transnational Media & Performance (Fall 2019)
    • Graduate theory sequence, course on theories of transnationality; delivered lecture at request of Prof. Sean Metzger on LeFebvre.
  • Theatre 113: History of Russian Theatrical Practice (Winter 2019)
    • Russian theatre history; delivered lecture course on Symbolism at request of Prof. Suk-Young Kim.
  • English 533: Medieval Drama (Spring 2022)
    • graduate seminar on medieval dramatic traditions; delivered lecture on afterlives of medieval drama at request of Prof. Jessica Brantley.