Artistic Statement

I have written plays for as long as I have tried not to write plays. For perhaps some aspiring artists, becoming a playwright has been a natural goal. For me it has been a tentative dance, involving many steps forwards and backwards. I can say that I write plays because I see plays happening all around me; I think in dramatic form and I employ it in my own life to structure the multitude of voices within my mind into a dialogue that I can listen to, argue with, tease, and love. What I have learned from this tentative dance is that theatre is as innate to the human experience as language itself while surpassing the limits of language in the same instant.

My work, both as a playwright and a director, seeks to create performance encounters that bridge the past and the present, ancient canon and contemporary reality, speaking to the communal and the individual. My experience thus far has gifted me with such opportunities to explore, create, and collaborate across disciplines and genres--from student theatre to professional repertory companies, fringe festivals to theatre for development, in both site-specific contexts and traditional prosceniums, nationally and abroad. I hope to always be pushing forward and surpassing my past work in new places, contexts, in collaboration with an ever-growing range of performers and spectators that are seeking to experience more of what theatre can reveal to us about our world and ourselves.